Japanese Working Holiday Information


The Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor, is the only authorized organization in Japan designed to help Working Holiday Makers. We provide Working Holiday Makers with free job referral services, accommodation information, and the opportunity to attend an orientation meeting and special events. At the same time, we provide prospective Japanese Working Holiday Makers with advice for travelling abroad. We organize orientation and information exchange meetings, cultural exchange parties, and study sessions, all aimed at furthering the friendship between our countries.

In order to prepare you for your Working Holiday, we would also like to give you some information concerning work opportunities and accommodation in Japan, and to offer some advice on how to make the most of your stay.

We take great pleasure in offering our assistance to any Working Holiday Maker who understands the real spirit of the Working Holiday Scheme. We hope you will show interest in the Japanese culture, language and society, and take home with you a greater understanding and appreciation of our country and its people.

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